Yoga on Deck

In January I decided to make Yoga a daily practice. I’ve been needing to do something to help reduce the stress in my life, and I’ve always enjoyed doing yoga. My problem is that I wouldn’t stick with it. So I finally figured out how to make it more of a habit, and that’s to bundle it with a habit that I’ve already formed. I’ve been sipping coffee and writing in my journal every morning for a few years now. It’s my quiet time of the day with no interruptions, and I often get a kitty snuggle in as well.

My first thought was to use a book that I bought years ago which had great yoga poses in it. But I kept forgetting to grab it and go through it to pick out the poses. Then when I finally went to look for it, I couldn’t find it. I searched high and low, racked my brain, and got all stressed out that wasn’t going to be able to start my yoga practice until I got a new book. Then I visited my sister at Eye of Horus, and I found just what I needed to get started there on their shelf. Not a Yoga Book, but a Yoga Deck.

This was perfect, a deck of cards, and I could pick out the poses I would do each day! And so it began about three months ago, I started with a few poses, 10 minutes or so of yoga a day. I added a few more and then pretty soon I had about a 25 minute routine going. But I didn’t push myself too hard, the poses were all very beginner friendly, and I was able to build the habit. It’s been three months and I have since added Sun Salutations, I do 5 of them as a warm up. I cut back on some of the other poses, so it’s still about 25-30 minutes each morning. Sometimes I skip, but more often than not, I do yoga.

Today I did yoga outside on the deck, the first morning of the year that was warm enough, and it was wonderful. I’ve always wanted to be that cool artsy-chick that does yoga and has a care free attitude and creates wonderful art full of joy. And I’m getting there, one day at a time.