Enter Guitar, stage right

AC1MThird time’s the charm, so the saying goes, and it appears to be holding true when it comes to the guitar for me. This is my third time trying to learn the instrument. The first time I was in my teens, the second time in my twenties, and now I’m finally old enough and wise enough to learn it. All the other instruments I’ve taken up since 2009 were very simple to learn; starting with the Autoharp, the easiest of them all. At the time, I just wanted to sing, and so I asked a friend for advice and she set me on a clear path with the Autoharp. She recommended taking some lessons from her friend Karen Mueller and that changed the direction of Wyrdhaven Studio forever. Art took a back seat, then sat in the trunk, and now is in long term storage until it says it’s not.

But it was the ukulele that led me to believe I just might have a chance with the guitar after all. The plucky¬†and inexpensive instrument that puts a smile on everyone’s face worked it’s adorable way into me heart, and nudged me to my newest instrument. I played it safe and found a free one to start out with, and armed with the magic of YouTube, I started learning guitar a few months ago. I felt I was progressing nicely, though I struggled with the instrument some, I was up for the challenge. Then I went to a party and played another guitar, a much better guitar, and I knew it was time to adopt a new instument for my family of strings.

My online search started with YouTube and took me to Seagull Guitars and Luna Guitars, but I didn’t even look at Yamaha until I held it in my hands. It just goes to show that there’s something magical about finding the right guitar. Once you hold it, you’ll know that it’s The One. A Seagull came mighty close, but the overall tone did not quite match the balance from bass to treble that my sweet AC1M is showing me. Both have the solid spruce top, and while the Seagull also has all solid mahogany back and sides, I feel a bit safer with the strength that the laminate provides on my Yamaha. Plus it has a pick guard, which the Seagull lacked.

I’ve had my new guitar for a week now, and she plays wonderfully, and came with a very hard shell case, for which I’m glad. Once I get my skill level up, we are definitely going to be going out on the town together to Open Mics and music parties, and who knows what else! The possibilities are endless, and I’m experiencing the bliss of welcoming a new instrument to the family. Welcome to your forever home Morgan!