red baby dragon

Going Beyond Here

On the edges of Wyrdhaven Studio, I shall have to make a sign that says “Beyond Here There Be Dragons” because they have been with me since the very beginning. Back in the early 1990’s I was doing pen and ink drawings of dragons. They were fun and I really enjoyed doing them. I even painted them in Acrylics and Oils. Funny thing is, my early scratch board work has them too, and this time the color was added with watercolors. So I wanted to share this dragon with you. Mind you, it is just a wee babe, but maybe I’ll continue following it’s growth into a full sized dragon! After spending years working in oils, I found the process of creating this little darling a bit like instant gratification.

red baby dragon egg

Watercolor and ink on scratchbord (clay on masonite)

Although this was completed quite a while ago, it was my first step back into painting in watercolor. The lettering around the edge is in standard Futhark Runes, which a very industrious person can read as English. As I continue to practice and learn, I am looking forward to sharing my work with you as I go. Contemplating that has let me think very deeply about the role art takes in my life. Each piece adds to an overall narrative about the nature of Wyrdhaven Studio, along with my music. I already have plans for the art and songs to play off of each other, and each creation is an exploration of the nature of inspiration and imagination.

It isn’t easy showing my new work, as I’m working with different materials and techniques, and different goals in mind. So much of my previous work featured people portraits, albeit fantasy ones, and now I’m very interested in exploring themes in nature as well as mythology, finding a mood rather than a likeness. I want the colors of my paintings to evoke movement, and the sounds of my music to evoke colors, and the words of my lyrics to paint scenes in your mind. That’s not too much to ask of my artistic endeavors is it? I hope not. Because this isn’t about just one song, or one painting, it’s about transforming the world around me a little bit at a time as I continue to create new works. Those are some pretty deep thoughts that bubbled up as a result of the appearance of a baby dragon. It will be interesting watching it grow to full size.