The Photobomb Was Unintentional

My intention was to be out of frame for the video, I leaned over to check the framing on the viewfinder and it looked like I would be out of frame if I scooted over. I was wrong. On Saturday the 13th, after a long day of training at work, I took my Ukulele and my music book over to Justin’s for a much needed Music Circle. All the cool kids were there, and Good Music happened. I did my best to represent playing my original tunes on the Ukulele, though I know them better on the Autoharp. There was just no way I was going to leave my ‘harp in my car on a cold cold day like that. It’s showing signs of some warping in the soundboard and I keep it in it’s case these days.

But I digress, and more to the point, the two other people in the video are my band mates. That’s right! I am now in a band with my big brother and Justin Hartley. We are the Leprechaun Pirates, and there are songs behind that name. So here’s the video, and I am credited with Photobombing it, since this isn’t an L’Pirate song I wasn’t playing along.

I had my first practice with them on Sunday, and I’ll be learning many songs, working up harmonies, and putting together a proper costume for a female Leprechaun Pirate. At least my hair color is correct for it. I’m very excited to be in this band and my husband is excited about it as well, even though it means me being gone each weekend for band practice. This is just the thing I needed to get me out there and making music, and I’m looking forward to sharing progress reports and other news here on my blog.