Flower Goddess pencil sketch by Beth Hansen-Buth

Goddess Sketch – Goddess Art Creation

Today you are getting a sneak peek at my latest Goddess Sketch: the Flower Goddess. Each painting starts out in pencil on paper, where I work out the idea and the basic shapes. Any shading is minimal, because that all happens during the painting process. With watercolor, you have to let the paint decide for itself where to go, there’s less control but more flow working this way. For this painting, I’m using mostly watercolors with a couple of guache colors to keep it bright.

Flower Goddess Sketch by Beth Hansen-Buth

On the drawing table, Flower Goddess Sketch

Goddess Sketch to Painting

Yes, my drawing table is usually quite messy as I work. I keep my brushes in a mug whose handle is broken off, and my palette is a piece of glass. This work in progress is an 8×10 watercolor on aquabord. I’m looking forward to adding her to my gallery when the painting is complete. When I begin a painting, I keep it loose, with edges not clearly defined. It’s very messy at this stage, so you won’t ever see me share anything until it’s complete. The sketch is complete, so that’s why I’m sharing it today. I took the photo with my cel phone, which is the only camera I currently have, something I’d like to change in the near future.

There are so many aspects to creating art these days. With all the technology we have, it makes it easy to share things right away. My plan is to keep updating the blog each week with my artistic endeavors. Tonight I get to go play with my fellow Leprechaun Pirates as we have our first show this weekend. Wyrdhaven Studio is thriving with art and music, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this story leads us over the next six months. Music is life and art is joy!