One Step Forward…

OK, sometimes I get a little ambitious. Like my great idea to give up caffeine and start getting up early to do yoga on the same day. Not happening. So, let’s get up early and do Yoga for a while before we give up our cuppa coffee with caffeine. Having achievable goals is good for the soul I think. ¬†January goal take 2: let’s do yoga every morning for the rest of the month and see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I’m practicing songs like crazy and watercolor painting has been put on hold for the next month or so. The Big Showboat Show for the Idisi is looming, it’s next month, so I’m trying to get everything I can memorized by this Wednesday and get a dulcimer part for one song ready. Not that I’m ready to play my dulcimer in front of an audience of about 200 people, no pressure there! OK, lots of pressure there. I must mention my nervous shaking to these people, not that they haven’t already seen it a little bit. Oh, and I have to set Mary Anne up with some kind of an electronic pickup, if possible. I know I read about that way back when.











It was too expensive to add to the order at the beginning, and I didn’t know if I could even learn to play the little thing at that time. The other thing I have to do is finish my Stav, it’s in a rough state at the present and I need to sand it down, but I’m leaving the bark on the bottom, because it looks cool that way. It has to be ready for the performance, as to I. I still need to schedule a haircut and color, so there’s lots for me to do here. When I feel more comfortable about my to do list, then I will look at getting my brushes wet again. I dream about watercolors from time to time. This is a good thing I think.

My first Kantele lesson with Diane Jarvi is a week from tomorrow, it was going to be tomorrow, but she has the flu. Progress comes, just not as I would expect. I currently have an extra dulcimer in the house because I’m one of the testers for the Folkroots Travel Dulcimer. Go me! I get a free T-shirt out of the deal, is my understanding. I definitely want a few pictures of the little darling to share with people. I’ll have to borrow my husband’s camera for this. My camera is one of the things I let go when the art business went away.

I ramble, but after dinner I sand my Stav in the kitchen because it’s -5 outside and we have nowhere else anyway. The garage is used for storage, not for cars or a woodshop. It’s on the ToDo list as well, to clear it out and organize it. When it starts warming towards Sppring that is.