Baby Dragons hatching

The Trouble With Twins

The trouble with twins is that they are twice as cute as a solitary baby, and twice as clever as they look. I should know, I’ve been a twin my whole life. It was only natural that I would not be satisfied with a dragon hatchling of solitary birth. No, I had to paint one egg with two little dragons coming out of it. I had to. They are dragons of different colors, as sometimes happens with dragons. One cannot be sure what color will come out of each egg. What is for certain is that they are born with their best friend, as was I.

twin dragon chicks hatching with runes

Double the trouble, double the fun! Twin dragon hatchlings by Beth Hansen-Buth.

What is uncertain is what they will grow up to be, more alike or more different. Seven years after painting this, I finally have decided on a title: Double Trouble. But any parent of twins can tell you it’s more like Trouble squared, because when twins get together with an idea, watch out! My twin has always been super supportive of my artistic endeavors, and is very happy to cheer me on, now that I’m getting back into the art groove again.

One of the wonderful things I discovered about working on the scratchbord is that the watercolor virtually disappears into the india ink. I didn’t know until I tried. It was a scary thing the first time I added color to the beautiful white clay surface, as I didn’t know how it would turn out. It was like magic! I was instantly rewarded for my effort with a pop of color that seemed almost back-lit to me, like stained glass. It really was love at first sight, but I put my boards aside when I got stuck on a larger image that wasn’t working out for me. It took a long time, and years of immersing myself into music, to bring me back to the drawing board. Now that I’m looking back, I notice that the year this was painted, 2009, was the year I bought my first Autoharp. The rest fell into place over the past seven years, instruments, more stability in my home, a steady job… all bring me back to where I want to start sharing the art I’ve made, leaving me eager to make more.

So now I’m working differently than ever before, learning as I go and loving every minute of it.Watercolor is a joy to work with, and I’m glad that the last time the urge to paint came upon me I invested in a good set of Winsor & Newton artists’ professional quality paints. Try as I might, I can’t find a picture to match the set of half-pans that I bought. All the more reason to clean the studio and do a studio tour video and or slideshow. I love seeing where other artists work, I’ve always found it very inspirational. Right now I’m becoming more and more inspired by the art I’m making, even if it’s in very small five inch by seven inch paintings, I find them immensely satisfying.