Making Time for Art & Music

Now that my studio space is coming together, I’m trying to find regular time to do art and music each day. So far, it’s been an either/or result, so efforts are being made to create some new habits. For many years now, I’ve been having my morning coffee and writing morning pages. This is a firm habit to which I’m endeavoring to change to Coffee/Yoga/Art as a morning ritual. A few years ago I  successfully changed my habit to Coffee/Yoga/Journal, but I allowed the Yoga to fade away. Now I’ve been doing Coffee/Art pretty well for the past couple of weeks, so with a little more cleaning and organizing, the studio will be Yoga Ready as well.

The hard part for me is to put down the art and get ready for work, but it’s totally worth that frustration, as it creates excitement for the next day’s session. I have given myself a one hour time frame to draw and paint, and so far I love getting up knowing that I’m going to be drawing, and looking forward to it. While I’ve never considered myself particularly disciplined, I am extremely stubborn. By applying my stubbornness to this new schedule, it will ultimately result in a disciplined artistic practice. Having a set schedule is working well so far. Now I need to do something like that in the evening for the music.

For a while, I was practicing guitar daily in the evenings, then my schedule got busy and I stopped. This is not acceptable, and now that I’m playing in The Leprechaun Pirates, I have to practice those tunes on my ukulele and mountain dulcimer as well. Doing all this art and music is really, really good for me, but challenging my ability to organize my time well. Artists tend not to be the most organized, as we get caught up in the moment and drop everything to create. This is something every artist must face, and find their own path to creativity through the tangle of limited time. Small time blocks will eventually lead to large artistic gains. It will be interesting to see where I am a year from now, and what my catalog of songs and body of art will be. It’s an exciting thought.

Keeping the blog going is really helping me with tracking my creative process, from inspirations and to processes and progress, I’m logging it all here. The joy of art for me is both in the journey and the destination, in equal measures. Tonight I’ll be singing at an open mic, this time at Sidhe Brewery, which will be my first time performing at that venue. It’s a last minute gig for me and I’m both nervous and excited. My trusty Ukulele is in the car, and I have my books to help me, so I’ll have my chords and lyrics in case I freeze.

When people ask me how I’m doing, I tell them the truth: I’m crazy busy but having fun. I’m living the dream in small daily doses and it’s a very good thing.