April Fools Day ~ Painting With Coffee

Once upon a time there was an artist who had to get up an hour earlier than usual, so she can go to a concert in the evening.

Her name is Beth, and she really wants to draw and paint every day before going to her day job. So she got up and started her morning coffee (decaf by the way) and set the alarm to go off in 10 minutes so she could snooze. When the alarm went off, Beth put on her slippers and stumbled back to the kitchen and made her coffee. She filled the mug she got at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and shuffled in her pajama’s and slippers to her studio, eager to get to her drawing table with coffee in hand.

Beth’s very excited that she gets to start adding color to her 5×7 painting on aquabord. It’s a new beginning for her, and will be the first painting she’s done in years. Beth is having lots of fun adding cheery yellows and a touch of blue at the corners, when she looks at the clock and sees that it’s time to clean up. So she gathers her paintbrushes to wash and stands up to go do that when she KNOCKS OVER HER COFFEE ON THE DRAWING TABLE!! Oh no! Coffee splashes on approximately 1/3rd of the painting! Beth worked quickly to minimize the damage by diluting it with water and dabbing it with a paper towel.

Not to worry, it’s on a clay surface so it can be scrubbed out to the clean white beneath once it dries…she hopes. Beth will fix that tomorrow, and she will NEVER, EVER have a beverage on her drawing table while she’s working on art again.

The End.