Green Goddess

Sacred Nature

It came to me suddenly one day, while contemplating the new paintings. I am exploring the sacred in nature, and the nature of the sacred. What began with just one painting of the Goddess has evolved into an adventure. It started with the sun, the dawn of a new day for me. The next step came when the seed was sown and started to grow into this green goddess. While explore working with watercolors, each painting is also an exploration of the Goddess. What is she trying to tell me? It begins with an idea, and with this one it is the coming of Spring, The intention is to show growth and the power of green living things.

Green Goddess Art by Beth Hansen-Buth

Green Goddess Art by Beth Hansen-Buth

“The environment is where we all meet;
where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”
~ Lady Bird Johnson ~

Each painting is a step to a whole journey, with an unfolding visual story whose destination is the next idea that grabs me and won’t let go. Taking up the brush, pushing the paint around, following my simple sketch, I watch each image unfold in ways that I didn’t imagine before I began. The original thought remains, but it grows and evolves from sketch to finished painting, even on something as small as 5″x7″ this happens. Creating each painting changes the environment, showing me things in a fresh way. Variations on the theme of the Goddess, it has a musical quality to it, each painting is a new verse to a song honoring Mother Nature in all of her aspects.

While the Sun Goddess has the strong energy of rays, this is full of spirals. Each plant emerges from a seed to form a seedling, curling up out of the soil. Shoots and leaves unfold and take form every Spring. In my own garden established plants were ready to divide, and columbine self seeded beautifully, so I can spread them around and enjoy their delicate beauty more and more.

Some notes on art techniques and materials:

Repetition and variation makes for good design, and I am reminded of when I was first learning to work in color. I have explored so many medium and techniques, and watercolor on aquabord is serving me well. Many of my smaller paintings in oil were on gessoboard, which has a similar texture; enough to give the paint something to cling to but still allowing delicate details. This painting definitely evolved, as I had no real plan for the background on this at all, other than the verdant green of growing things. She glows with the sparks of life, some of which were created by scraping away the paint to the bare clay below, and then tinting again with yellow or green watercolor. I used colored pencil to emphasize details of the hair/leaves/vine. Some of the white is from gel pen, the dots above the heart leaf and  some of the white swirls as well. This painting also heralds a change in my artistic signature, which I plan to refine and make into a logo.

Each painting is added to my Art Gallery, so take a look at all that I’ve done so far. Feel free to comment here on the blog or in the gallery. Art is a solitary business, but the paintings must be seen, so please leave a few kind words if you are so moved.

April Fools Day ~ Painting With Coffee

Once upon a time there was an artist who had to get up an hour earlier than usual, so she can go to a concert in the evening.

Her name is Beth, and she really wants to draw and paint every day before going to her day job. So she got up and started her morning coffee (decaf by the way) and set the alarm to go off in 10 minutes so she could snooze. When the alarm went off, Beth put on her slippers and stumbled back to the kitchen and made her coffee. She filled the mug she got at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and shuffled in her pajama’s and slippers to her studio, eager to get to her drawing table with coffee in hand.

Beth’s very excited that she gets to start adding color to her 5×7 painting on aquabord. It’s a new beginning for her, and will be the first painting she’s done in years. Beth is having lots of fun adding cheery yellows and a touch of blue at the corners, when she looks at the clock and sees that it’s time to clean up. So she gathers her paintbrushes to wash and stands up to go do that when she KNOCKS OVER HER COFFEE ON THE DRAWING TABLE!! Oh no! Coffee splashes on approximately 1/3rd of the painting! Beth worked quickly to minimize the damage by diluting it with water and dabbing it with a paper towel.

Not to worry, it’s on a clay surface so it can be scrubbed out to the clean white beneath once it dries…she hopes. Beth will fix that tomorrow, and she will NEVER, EVER have a beverage on her drawing table while she’s working on art again.

The End.