Meet The Artist

Artist Beth Hansen-Buth is following her bliss exploring the sacred in nature art and music,
but that wasn’t always the case.

She had the chance to live her dream of being a full time artist, but had set aside
her brushes and paints for nine long years after her art business failed.

When she began painting again she did so with an honest and joyful purpose…to
express her true self in harmony with nature.


…a talented young girl grew up watching her mother paint landscapes in oils on
canvas. She was just eight years old when she lost her mother to cancer, before she
could learn everything she needed to become an artist.

Continuing to draw as an adult, she studied fine art oil painting, specializing in
mythical subjects in a highly realistic romantic style. She had no idea how to run a
business, but she gave it her best shot.

Then her house was foreclosed on.

She realized that she needed to make a living, more than she needed to make art.


…she commuted to a gray corporate cubicle.

Without art in her life, she turned to music to distract herself from the increasing
anxiety and depression that clouded her days. Instruments collected and songs were
being written.

Yet too often she would sit with her sister or husband complaining about the
relentless office politics and lack of fulfillment in her job.


…she remembered she was a woman of spirit and power. Her twin sister was in recovery
from Stage IV breast cancer, and she found her strength to help support her.


…she picked up her brush and palette after a seven year hiatus.

Starting fresh in a new medium, watercolor flowed from her brushes and she discovered
an emerging vision of being in harmony with nature, and the power of the sacred
feminine took form in front of her.


…she is following where her muse is leading, mindful of how this vision could help
others ash she paints images of nature goddesses and more. Wyrdhaven Studio is reborn.

Express yourself in harmony with nature
Bless your heart with bright rebirth
Express yourself in harmony with nature
Unite your spirit with all the earth
– Beth Hansen-Buth, Spring 2016

A Singing Pirate

Joy is also found in music, in 2016 Beth Hansen-Buth joined the folk/fun band The Leprechaun Pirates which will be appearing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival each weekend.