Once up on a time, in the early days of the World Wide Web (1998) Wyrdhaven Studio was formed to showcase my artistic efforts. It’s first incarnation included a Web Log, later to become the the truncated term blog, and a few images of my artwork on a shared hosting site. Later, I obtained the domain and launched my first professional website, with more art and less blog. Art as a business lacked enough financial support, so broken hearted, I let the domain name go.

But now, on December 22nd 2012,  I am determined to bring in this new era with art, music, and creativity. So welcome to Wyrdhaven Studio! I am Beth Hansen-Buth, a painter/singer/musician/seer exploring folk myth, magic, truth, love, and creativity. I have a day job, this is just part of what I do in my spare time. Please don’t expect too much or too little, we are all just human beings together on this planet. And I am determined that my little spot on the web shall be woven for all of us to find love and joy together.

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