Moon Music Makes Magic

Moon music on the ukulele is inspiring me. I have decided to have a new Category here on the blog called Friday Favorites, where I will post something that inspires me. It’s a place for my favorite things that help keep my creative juices flowing. My run with The Leprechaun Pirates at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has begun, so the focus this week is on my instrument of choice, the Ukulele. Taimane Gardner is a master of this instrument, and this is a stunning piece of hers. What really inspires me is the touch of vocal. It really brings in that magical moon quality to the song.

In Moon music – Taimane makes magic

There is a lyrical quality to her playing that doesn’t need words. I’m not the only person who is impressed with her abilities.

When Don Ho caught wind of the talented teen, he invited her to join him as part of his venerable variety show at the Waikiki Beachcomber, further fueling Taimane’s desire to perform for and connect with audiences. …Taimane weaves in original compositions that are as far ranging as her musical tastes. With the fierceness of a rocker, and the grace of a dancer, Taimane and her music are wowing ever-larger audiences.

I am totally getting caught up in her music, and I can’t wait to hear more. My heart and my mind are busy absorbing her cool groove. Her style is untouchable by me at this time, as a result Taimane is an inspiration to me both as a player and a songwriter. As she says “where words fail my music speaks.” It is said that music is the universal language, and I totally agree. I’ve even been asked to write some moon music of my own. We’ll see what the lovely moon inspires, shall we?