Flower Goddess – Music From The Ground

When the Flower Goddess came along, the seventh in my Nature Goddess Suite, I was quite excited. Watercolor is the perfect medium for painting flowers. Each of my paintings have to take form in my mind before I begin, and I let my thoughts ramble until a cohesive form appears. Painting is a very meditative process for me, and tranquility is key for me.

The Tulip of Willendorf

Of all the flowers, the tulip is one of the most important heralds of Spring for me, so that’s the form she took. Her pose is quite intentionally inspired by the paleolithic figure of the Venus of Willendorf, and I am thrilled at how she turned out. Once the sketch started taking form, she really captured my heart. You can view all the Nature Goddesses in the Art Gallery as well.

Flower Goddess of Spring watercolor painting by Beth Hansen-Buth

Flower Goddess watercolor original art by Beth Hansen-Buth


from earth’s lips spoken without sound”
– Edwin Curran

The Flower Goddess and Music

I love that verse by american poet Edwin Curran, it brings the music of flowers to life. There is so much beauty in the world that is soft and simple and delicate. Tulips are the herald to Spring, and they are gone so quickly. If you are anything like me, you have a crazy busy life. Flowers have also inspired many composers to create music to describe their beauty. Mother nature’s glorious art form inspires artists of all ages. Whether you want to tiptoe through the tulips with Tiny Tim and his ukulele, or do the Dance of the Flowers with Tchaikovsky, it’s up to you. Please feel free to share how you express your own harmony with flowers in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Flower Goddess – Music From The Ground

  1. Flowers, to me, are a beauty all on their own. But they represent something so fragile and beautiful that is only hinted in words and petry. A breath, a whisper that life is short and to prosper and bloom while we have this time to. Death is hard, deep and full of emotion, but is another part of it all. A beginning must have an end. Everything dies and everything is reborn; re-blooming into another form. I just love flowers and everything they represent and tell you, if you take the time to kneel down, sit down or lay down and just listen. Just feel. They have so much wisdom to share if you just pay attention.

    • Flowers are so healing, we share them with those we love for so many reasons. When I tell people how much I love to garden, they always ask me what kind of vegetables I grow. I grow mostly flowers.

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