Feminism Becomes Art

Feminism at it’s best is a verb, an action that takes place in space and time that changes everything it touches. This is the case with art as well. Often in art and literature, the two are combined, and this is how feminism becomes art.

The Feminist Muse

One thing that has my mind thinking of my own art in terms of feminism is the the book I have been reading called Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler. In this book, she exposes the underlying culture of control and domination through fear and pain, and offers an alternative model of partnership through shared caring and pleasure. That pleasure, including sexual pleasure, should be sacred is shocking to those in the domination culture. But when one looks logically at these things, fear and pain as the main control mechanism in both a social and religious system are shocking.

Another book that came to mind is Dreaming the Dark by Starhawk. This book taught meĀ about the difference between power-over and power-from-within as a personal path. My main methods of expressing my feminism is through my artwork, celebrating the Sacred Feminine. This is how my own power comes out and blossoms from within my soul.

Call of the Goddess

For the past several weeks, I have been concentrating on physical fitness as my focus, and my art has suffered. I haven’t been drawing or painting in the mornings and my heart is hurting because of it. Only following the call of the Goddess can bring me back into balance and heal. This means I must continue painting images of Her. Now that I’ve started sharing my artwork with people again, I’m getting asked about what’s available for sale. I’m not ready to start a business just yet, so I’m holding off on selling anything at the moment. When I look at statistics that say women artists only make 1/3rd of what male artists make, it causes me to pause as well.

When Feminism Becomes Art

The need to paint becomes even stronger in light of the difficulty women artists face in the marketplace. So I will continue to paint pictures of the divine feminine, and the sacred power of nature. My art is my power and I will express it. Creating this body of work is extremely satisfying for me, and I am looking forward to sharing it with the world.