Exploring the Next Adventure

It is a rainy day here in Minnesota. After a busy day yesterday where I finally finished getting my vegetable garden planted, I now sit with pleasantly sore muscles to welcome a day to putter about the house, read, and snuggle with my kitties. We’ve been settled in this house for the past five years, safe an snug and always looking for ways to make our home better, I’m struck by the changes my life has gone through in the past ten years.

It was ten years ago that I was laid off from my day job as a web designer, and dutifully looking to replace that job I was collecting unemployment, sending out resumes, and trying to make some actual money from my former hobby as a Fantasy Artist. It was an adventure, and it was both terrifying and exciting at the time. Around this same time, my sister’s sweetheart Thraicie was trying to take her budding business, Eye of Horus to the next level, by opening a storefront in Minneapolis. I remember going with her to look at a possible location, checking out the space and dreaming of the possibility, and then going to sit with her when she signed the lease. It was an exciting time.

Eye of Horus became my home away from home, where I had a space for my studio, and a part-time job to supplement my meager income from my art. I helped paint the original space, had my first gallery showing there, and helped organize other shows and events there over the years. It was while I was working there that I applied for and was accepted to have a booth at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, an exciting and adventurous couple of years for me.

Sadly, my art business did not survive the downturn of the economy, but Thraicie and Eye of Horus soldiered on, providing inspiration, books and services for everyone to deepen their spiritual journey. I’ve watched them struggle and succeed, as my sister joined her sweetheart full time just as I secured a full-time job in the muggle world.

But I still long for adventure, and have the heart of an explorer, that’s why I was so excited a couple of weeks ago to support Eye of Horus by joining the Explorers Club level of their Indiegogo project to start a new line of Spiritual Oils.

Watching the video there are a couple of things you should keep in mind, that’s Thraicie, and she posed for my painting of Lilith. Eye of Horus continues to carry prints of my work and support local artists, musicians, Reiki practitioners, and all on a spiritual path to grow. I’m asking you to specifically to join me at the Explorers Club level, because it would be just great to have a whole bunch of us together on the adventure! There are many levels to choose from, and whatever level you choose, please share, share, share with your friends by email, twitter, facebook, and any other way you can think of.