Casting on

So I took up knitting, it is my New Thing that I’m crazy about. I seem to go through phases with creative endeavors, otherwise I get bored. Last year I was all about ATS Bellydance. Yarn is cheaper than 25 yard skirts, and I’m getting hours of pleasure and hand-made stuff as a result. Putting the yarn on a needle is called Casting On, so that’s the title of this blog post, because I really want to record my progress somewhere, and this seems like the best spot. Pictures will eventually follow, but I wanted to put something down in words of when I really began.

I found all kinds of really cool patterns, very fantasy inspired, and Ravelry has lots of different groups which are filled to the brim with like-minded individuals. Fiber arts are still arts, and I’m just very glad to be making stuff again, with my own hands. My first clumsy project is nearing completion, it’s going to be a cowl, in a lovely shade of avacado green and machine washable. My second project that I began last night is a scarf. Now I know this doesn’t seem very Wyrd, but I’m going to learn how to spin as well, along with learning forbidden chants for spinning. It will be an interesting class, and I am filled with anticipation for the cool fairy tale feeling it will add to future knitting projects.

It has begun.