Adventures in Uptown

Spring has finally sprung in Minnesota, with partly cloudy skies and temperatures hovering around 50 degrees farenheit, it was a good morning to visit my sister Jane in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.  Since we both have a love of music, she decided it was high time we get together and play some tunes, so I loaded my autoharp along with my music book and stand into the back of my PT Cruiser and hit the road for my play date. We went over some songs that I want to get polished up for my Fourth Annual Spring Music party that is coming up in April, as well as a good Dylan sing-a-long, and some of her favorite songs. Since she only lives a couple of blocks from Twin Town Guitars, I asked if we could make a trip over there to see if I can get a stick on kind of pick-up, as I may need to amplify my all acoustic mountain dulcimer in a show coming up in May. Since we are twin sisters, living in the twin cities, loving music and her instrument is a guitar, it was high time for us to check out the store just on principle anyway.

Stepping into the store was everything you would hope for, guitars of all kinds lined the walls  and filled the center of the store. A feast for the eyes with lots more acoustic instruments than I thought would be there.


We weren’t there long when my sister pointed out a little astrologically decorated ukulele. Now, I had just thrown a party with the theme of The Zodiac Club at a local convention, and there is this little soprano Uke there just waiting for me. I had to take her home, she was inexpensive and the nylon strings go out of tune after a strum or two, but she’s my new baby. Her name is Zodi, and she’s the newest addition to my family of instruments!

You can see why I had to take her home. She is absolutely adorable, and the first instrument that I’ve purchased that is not a zither. I realized that I have purchased a new instrument a year since the summer of 2009. This least expensive one, and bought on a lark, but I intend to get some skill with it in time for my music party. We then had a lovely brunch at Morrissey’s Irish Pub, which I highly recommend to you. They just opened March 14th and I’m falling in love with the food, atmosphere, and location. It’s a lovely pub.


We finished off our adventure with a trip to Eye of Horus Metaphysical, where I purchased The Hobbit art book that I’ve been longing to take home.

I’ve been pouring over all the pages getting inspired, it’s one of the most beautiful art books I’ve ever purchased.  It was a great way to start the weekend. May my musical and art adventures continue long into the future!